11 Best Android Lock screen apps for Lock screen Wallpaper, Widgets & Screen replacement

11 Best Android Lock screen apps for Lock screen Wallpaper, Widgets & Screen replacement
Lock screens on smartphones and tablets are used to gain access via various methods. These can include the use of a password, a PIN code, or a gesture using the touchscreen of the device. On mobile devices, lock screens often offer more functionality than merely unlocking the device, as some can show the time and date, weather, email and text notifications, to-do lists, useful informations and app shortcuts. Due to the open source nature of the android platform, lock screen designs can differ from stock versions depending on the manufacturers and how they want to make their devices stand out. There is also a large choice of alternative third-party lock screen replacement apps and lock screen widgets that you can opt to use instead, and this is an especially appealing option for those who like to customize their lock screen wallpaper and info’s. Whittling down some of the best available choices of particular apps from the wide variety on the Google Play Store is not always easy, so we’ve done it for you. best lock sccreen apps for wallpaper Check out the 10 best lock sccreen apps for wallpaper, widgets, and screen replacement. 1. GO LOCKER – THEME & WALLPAPER (free) android lock screen app go locker We haven’t placed our choice of the top 10 lock screen apps for Android in any particular order, but we should note that this app is currently ranked the No. 1 locker on the Google Play Store. It’s compatible with over 8000 different phones and has been downloaded almost 100 million times. GO Locker features include a lock home button from waking up your screen, a massive amount of high-quality themes covering a wide variety of styles, and shortcuts to settings and system switches. With Go Locker you can also read your messages straight from the lockscreen, and clean up apps that are running. There is plenty on offer with this free version of the app although it does include ads. 2. CM LOCKER – APP LOCK (free) We can highly recommend this app that acts as an all-around locker, so as well as the lock screen you can lock apps, photos and more. The lock screen element is what we’re particularly interested in here, and users can secure their devices from snoopers with the use of various methods including passwords, patterns, PINs, and slide-to-unlock, or even fingerprints on devices that support this. There are different themes and styles to choose from and these can be customized according to individual preference. As well as this you can see new messages on the lock screen from the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and reply to them, all without unlocking your device. Also Check out: Best Free Apps to Customize Android. 3. ZUI LOCKER (free) It’s difficult to argue with the excellence of this lock screen replacement app considering it scores an impressively high user rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. ZUI Locker is based on Material Design and includes HD wallpapers that automatically update every day. Users can opt for different layout styles and themes, and features include message gesturing and the ability to launch favorite apps on the lock screen. The security of your phone is protected by gesture-based or code unlocking, and you can even control music playback directly on the lock screen. Additional features include time and weather widgets, RAM booster, lock screen flashlight, and intruder selfies, and there’s also multi-language support. It’s a free app with customization options, some of which are available via in-app purchases. 4. NEXT LOCK (free) This personalized Microsoft lock screen app is a good choice for those who place importance on productivity and functionality. As well as PIN and pattern unlock security, it also supports fingerprint unlock on suitably equipped devices. It enables a whole lot of functions directly from the lock screen including the option to call or text contacts, check out text messages, and display notifications and missed calls. It also has a built-in app launcher, quick and convenient access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, and flashlight controls, automatic weather updates, and calendar information. The music player supports popular apps that include Pandora, Audible, and Spotify, and you can also choose wallpapers from a gallery of images or use your own. 5. LOKLOK (free) If you’re looking for something with a fun difference, this is your app! Instead of your typical Android lock screen, the LokLok app replaces it with a synced shared whiteboard. This app is currently in beta and you can link up with family and friends who are also using the app to leave notes, photos, and drawings for them directly on the lock screen. If one person updates their lock screen it will then show up on others user’s lock screens who are in the same created group. The app is free to download and comes with a free pack of stickers but you can also purchase extra stickers through in-app purchases if you wish. It’s a neat way of staying in touch with the ones you love and works as a widget as well as a lock screen. 6. SNAPLOCK SMART (free) SnapLock is nicely designed and offers card-style notifications for a sleek look. It features daily wallpapers, as well as the ability to design your own Snaplock and personalize your date and time arrangements, check certain information such as the weather and your calendar, and much more. On smartphones and tablets running Android 4.3 or later, it also supports music control for mainstream music apps such as Rdio and Spotify. 7. ECHO NOTIFICATION (free) This app is easy on the eye as it has a minimalistic UI. It’s an excellent choice for those who receive a lot of notifications, as rather than a snippet Echo will instantly display the full message. Users can also create group categories so that for instance, all of your work alerts and messages are bundled together in one convenient spot. You can also snooze certain notifications to attend to later, personalize your lock screen notification settings, control music without unlocking the device, and apply wallpapers. A Pro version is also available through an in-app purchase though we found the free option to be reliable enough. 8. LOCKER MASTER (free) Locker Master would suit the more creative among us, as users can create personalized and customized lock screen themes with an effective DIY editor. A huge array of options is available to choose from including decorations, props, clock designs and more, along with customizable widgets. If you’re proud of your work you can upload your designs and share them with the user community, or alternatively browse other people’s creations from across the world. You can choose from a variety of methods to unlock your device, and your lock screen can also show missed calls and unread SMS messages. It’s not totally without bugs, but well worth sticking with if you particularly enjoy customization. 9. GUARDIAN (free) If you are keenly aware of security for your device this Android lockscreen app could be a good option for you. If someone tries to get into your smartphone or tablet, the silent selfie feature will take a photo of the snooper and give you time and date details. The image is placed in a separate folder than your photos, so your intruder won’t know! You can choose the maximum amount of unlocking attempts, then set a pattern or PIN number and that’s it! The app enables users to launch apps directly from the lock screen (up to 5) with just one double-tap, displays the time, and also includes a local weather widget with the latest forecast information. 10. PICTURESQUE LOCK SCREEN (free) Our final choice is a good-looking and powerful app from Microsoft that offers users plenty of options. It features a weather widget as well as a universal search facility, latest news, and direct access to your favorite apps from the lock screen. If you want to launch the camera on your device you can do so by simply swiping to the left from the right. Further features include wallpaper that can be automatically changed every day, or you can use an image of your choice. As well as all this you can view missed calls and messages on the lock screen and categorize notifications according to priority and type. Pattern, password and PIN methods can all be used to unlock your device, and there is also quick access to various tools including the ringer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. 11. DASHCLOCK WIDGET (free) Android Lock Widget - DashClock Widget DashClock Widget is a Lock Screen widget app for Android-powered devices that allows you to have multiple widgets with data and information most relevant to you on a single lock screen, useful, minimalist and attractive. With the app you can configure various interesting elements, such as time, missed calls, unread mails and SMS, appointments, alarms, calendar etc.. Android 4.2 + is needed to use the app. The installation and configuration are really simple. You only need to enter the page of your lock screen and touch the “+” icon, then you should select “DashClock” to customize and add the widget. In the setting, you can add different extensions with information that you can rearrange as you like. Final Thoughts There is an enormous selection of lock screen apps available on the Google Play Store, and while this is our choice of the 10 best Android lockscreen apps, we are well aware that there much more out there that are also highly rated by their users. In fact, if you think that you are already using an impressive lock screen app we’d like to hear from you, so let us know in the comments section. The above apps have been chosen because they offer a wide variety of choice for lock screen replacement, wallpapers, and widgets. Another bonus is that they are all free to download so you can check our more than one and see which one you like the look of best before you settle. We hope that you find exactly the lock screen app that you’ve been looking for!
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